Safeguarding Employee Retirement

Safeguarding Employee Retirement

The Super Guarantee Employer Obligations Course – Your roadmap to navigating Super Guarantee (SG) responsibilities as an employer.
This tailored course offers insights into crucial SG aspects:

a. Prioritizing Punctual Payments:
Grasp the vital role of on-time super contributions in employees’ retirement savings.

b. Timely Transactions: Learn the frequency and timing essentials for seamless super payments.

c. Streamlined Setup: Understand step-by-step procedures for initiating employee super contributions.

d. Precise Payment Calculations: Gain clarity on accurate determination of super contribution amounts.

e. Effortless Lodging and Payment: Master the process of promptly lodging and making super payments.

e. Addressing Delays Strategically: Discover effective strategies to tackle delayed or absent super payments.

f. Record-Keeping Know-How: Uncover the necessary know-how for compliant record-keeping.

Completion of the course rewards you with an assessment opportunity. Achieve a score of 80% or above to earn a valuable completion certificate which is tangible proof of your SG acumen.

For employers directed by the Commissioner of Taxation, assessment results are automatically shared. Keep your certificate until you receive confirmation of compliance.

The course is conveniently structured into eight modules:

M1: Superannuation Snapshot
M2: Deciphering Payment Requirements
M3: Navigating Employee Contribution Setup
M4: Calculating Super Guarantee Amounts
M5: Acing Contribution Payments
M6: Handling Tardiness Effectively
M7: Sidestepping Penalties
8: Bonus Resources for You

The estimated duration is approximately two hours. “Begin now and progress at your pace.”

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Embark on your journey to mastering super guarantee obligations today.