How Tax Deduction works for Car Mechanics

While you are working as a Mechanic or you have your own Auto Mechanic Garage Shop. There are number of ways that you are able to claim on your Personal Tax Return. Followings are the types;

Food & Travel

  • The cost of purchasing suppers when you work additional time, if you have been paid a stipend by your boss (you can claim for your dinners without keeping any receipts, if you can indicate how you have ascertained the sum you spent)
  • The cost of food and accidental costs when you are required to avoid home overnight for work (on the off chance that you get a allowance from your boss, you can claim everything of that remittance gave it is appeared on your PAYG installment rundown). On the off chance that you didn’t get a recompense, you should keep receipts to demonstrate the sum you have spent on all suppers and rent.
  • Parking Cost, tolls, cabs and metro, buses on the off chance that you are required to movement to go to workshops, or other related places (not held at your standard work environment), or travel between 2 different jobs or between work locales (on the off chance that you have to remain away overnight you can likewise assert for the cost of all food and your living expenses)

Work Uniform

  • When you purchase new uniform for work such as shirts, trousers, skirts, jackets, boots, jumpers or others (including business logo)
  • Laundry, dry cleaning, repairing of old uniform can be claimed.
  • Sun Protection glasses and other accessories such as sunscreen, hat, sun-protection lotion, etc.
  • Other protective equipment such as gloves, masks, helmet, goggles, steel cap boots, hi-viz vest, cold winder jacket etc.

Tools & Accessories

  • The cost of purchasing & repairing tools you use at work (equipments, electronic cordinators, smart phone, computer etc)
  • The cost of stationery products such as journal, logbook, working bagor other holding bag such as briefcase
  • When you purchase a material to use a work , you may claim that cost as well (such a Gear, emergency kit, rucksack etc)

Others Expenses Claim

  • Annual Membership or Union Fees
  • Machinery Operation Licence & Renewals
  • Book, Magazines, Journal for Shop Office Purpose
  • Cost of Phone & Internet
  • Donation & Charity
  • Bank Fees Charges
  • Tax Agent Fees
  • Travel Fees
  • We suggest that you keep receipts for all purchases that are work related, even if they are not listed above. That way, when we prepare your tax return, we can decide whether you are allowed to claim a tax deduction for them or not.If you would like any more information about the deductions listed or if you would like the Personal Tax Specialists team to prepare your tax return for you to ensure you maximise your claims this year, contact us at

Reference: Personal Tax Specialists
Written by: exBLOG